General Instructions:

  1. The competitions are spread over two days:

Day 1 (02/01/2017) and Day 2 (03/01/2017)

  1. Literary: Elocution, Debate (Interactive), Creative Writing & Vocabulary contest.
  2. Fine Art: Painting, Rangoli & Collage.
  3. Performing Art: Singing (Solo & Group), Dance (Solo & Group).
  1. On Day 1 participating teams should report between 07:45 am and 08.45 am; breakfast follows.
  2. Team Manager (Member of the college staff) and Team Leaders (2 students participating in the event; preferably one to represent the boys and one to represent the girls) must accompany the respective team. The same are responsible for the conduct of their team in the campus.
  3. All participants should be in their respective uniform and should carry their college I-card with them. Only those, who need to be in costume as required by their event, are exempted from being in uniform.
  4. One participant can participate only in two events and not more. Since more than one event is run simultaneously at different venues, there are chances of overlapping. In such cases we wish you bring it to the notice of the organizing volunteers at the earliest.
  5. Only Team Managers are authorized to click their respective team’s performance with prior intimation to the organizers on the reporting day.
  6. Breakfast, lunch & snacks will be provided by the host on both the days. Please follow the timings.
  7. All participants should report at the venue at least 15 minutes before the start of the competition.
  8. Overall Championship will be awarded to the team winning the highest points based on the following point’s scheme: 15 points for I Position; 10 for II Position & 05 for III Position.
  9. The Team / member/s of the team not abiding the rules and regulations or indulging in any act of indiscipline either as participant or as audience will be disqualified. No question with regard to their cancellation shall be entertained.
  10. The forms should reach us by 24th December 2016. The Entry Forms may be sent by post or in person. The registrations can also be done online on
  11. Please mention the title ‘Inter-College Fest 2017’ on the top of the envelope.